Dave Hodgetts
Norma Lee

Cynthia Marsh

Some of us will be on the road awhile.
Come and see our show!

a show by seven Artists from the


Meaford Hall
July 8 to August 18

We are a small but cohesive group of artists who love
what we do. Most of us are painters - sometimes we
paint together, sometimes we paint outdoors - plein air.
We also travel to paint - to places Canadian
(Killarney, the Maritimes & Western Canada)
and to places foreign (Italy, France, Mexico).
But wherever we paint we challenge ourselves
to reflect our feelings about what we see.
We strive to grow as artists.
Painting by: Cathie Gellatly, Dave Hodgetts,
Michael Kilburn, Norma Lee,
 Cynthia Marsh, and Beverley Reed.
Jewellery by: Susan Deiter.

Please come and share our passion.

Bev Reed

Michael Kilburn

Susan Deiter

Cathie Gellatly